Are we overindulging our kids?

I am not a child psychiatrist.  I am only a mother.  I am writing this because I don't want to go through the same road that some mothers go through.  Those with troubled teenagers, with spoilt kids, or problematic kids who can't blend well with the world.

At my work place, I am seeing this happening more and more with younger people who feel entitled, who only cares for themselves and not others and lack manners.  And I attribute all these to their upbringing.

I have a theory and I think it all started because we want the best for our kids and in that process we indulged them too much.  Say kids always have the last say.  They dislike this, we don't give.  They like that, we give them endless. We give them organic food as a means to start a healthy lifestyle but that makes them weaker as well as they can't take non-organic food.  And the immunity to fight.

That doesn't mean we have to give ice cream, candy, fried food, fast food all the time.  But have a balance.  Not too much extreme in 1 food.

People asked why I give my Baby salt and sugar so early.  I just want her to enjoy the food like we do.  Bland food is just bland. I want her to experience everything but same time not over indulging her. I don't always give what she wanted. I give her what she needed.

People can say I am a Tiger mom.  I just want my kid to grow up properly.  I teach her what is love.  I showed her how to love and how to share.  I teach her to adjust to other people's need, something that is so much lacking in the world. I teach her to any attention to her surrounding. When she is older, I will teach her to help out.

Yes I do indulge her like when she wants the nipple, I give to her. But there are times I don't give because we are in a public place and no cover.

Like any other parents, I too want to give the best to her.  But not materially.  Just spend more time with her, not giving in to smart phones or iPad temptations, teach her to mix with others and share and love everyone the same.

I am trying my best as I feel she is easily influenced by others and some influence are not good. And other parents don't like it when I brought it up.

I just hope other parents feel the same too.  Coz all the problem in the world started because of poor upbringing.


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