Happy Chinese New Year!

It's the 6th day of CNY and now only I have the chance to post.  There was a bit of drama on the eve of CNY and was busy with 'open house' here and there.  But this year, I feel CNY is not as excited as when I was a kid.  The houses to visit has reduced.  The ang pow to give and receive also has reduced.  I didn't get a chance to bring my girl to see lion dance yet.  But just found out that there will be a performance this Sat at 3.30pm at Starling Mall.  
All these years, we visited our uncles and aunties and each one of them would host a lunch or dinner for the family from first day until everyone took their turns.  And all our aunties are pretty good cook that none of the lunch/dinner were catered.  
But as they grew older, I am thinking we, the young ones should start taking over.  Say to cook the first day dish, 'chai' or vegetarian dish and to start hosting the family reunion and so on.  I mean it's no joke to cook so many dishes for so many people a…

Rant on Black Knight...and hello Eulachaha Waikiki

I didn't think this K-drama deserve a post on its own, but the ending definitely raise my thoughts for discussion.  
Warning: This post contains spoiler.
Why on earth MSH became an immortal?  I agreed with one of the netizens who commented that JHR/Boon-yi must be such a witch that all her curses/wish became true.  And Sharon who is all the while the antagonist is actually the main character and the Black Knight of the drama.  I really do not understand the direction of this drama.  
First, we were led on and told that the 2 ladies became immortal because of the curse of Boon-yi and because they have sinned.  OK, we got it, so they were punished to be immortal and the only way to break the curse is for MSH and JHR to be together.  We kept on getting reminded about this for 18 episodes.  
Then we saw that if the 2 immortals does anything to break MSH and JHR to be together, they get painful tattoos on their bodies, an add-on to the already immortality kind of punishment.  
But Shar…

I am a bad mom

You know, from this blog, I tried to pride myself that I am a good mom.  I mean which parent doesn't want to be a good role model for their kids?  Which parent doesn't want the best out of their children?
When it comes to parenting, how to deal with kids and so on, the topic gets sensitive.  Some said ok to whack their kids.  Some said no.  Some said ok to punish their kids.  Some said no.  Some spoiled their kids with lots of presents.  Some doesn't spend time with their children.  Some said it's ok to vaccinate the children and some said no.  Some said ok for smart devices, some said no.  And all of these parents said their are doing it for their children, they know what is best for their own kids.
I was one of them.  I thought I know better than my parents.  Maybe some things which I disagreed with my parents when it comes to parenting, after going through the ordeal.
You know like some kids when they were young, were punished by being locked in a closet or room?  …

My thoughts about some k-dramas

Currently, I am watching Black Knight and Hwayugi.  Ever since Just Between Lovers ended, I have decided not to add anymore k-dramas on my list until a very good one come along.  It's because I am quite regretful that I don't spend enough time with my girl and she has been pestering me to read to her while I was hooked on my phone.  Guilty!  Especially on Mondays because there is Hwayugi, Running M.a.n, Knowing Brothers, Yoon's Kitchen and Master Of The House all is watchable from Monday onwards only.  So I tried watching them when she is nursing to sleep or when I am on my way to and fro work in the LRT/BRT or driving back from work and stuck in the jam (yes, guilty of watching shows while driving, which is quite dangerous unless it is in a very slow moving traffic jam, but still totally not recommended).
Since I have been watching so much on my phone lately, I find that my eyesight is getting worse.  So at times, I tried to look far, especially when in the LRT/BRT, some…

My journey with Keto

As you have noticed, I have posted some recipes that I have tried for my ketogenic diet.  Let me just share a little bit about this journey.
How I got into it? At the peak of my pregnancy weight, I was 59kg.  I have put on about 9kg only throughout the pregnancy.  I was so proud of it, thinking it would be easy to lose them once I have delivered.
After confinement, I was 53kg.  I was so pleased that I managed to lose so much within a month.  Must be because of the urut, the baby's weight and I wasn't eating much because same confinement food day after day.
Soon after, I found myself struggling to increase my breast milk.  I tried every milk booster that I can find.  Some said cheese will increase, so I ate lots of cheese.  Some said drinking milk tea will increase, so I drank lots of it.  So I tried all the fatty, creamy, sugary food and drink, just to see which one is my milk booster.  I ate ice cream, I ate durian, I ate all that is there.  But my milk doesn't increase.�…

2 years old - In search of a kindy/nursery girl has just turned 2 years old.  And you know what, I started looking for places for her to learn to read and write and all that.  Call me kiasu if you wish, but certain kindergarten are already on waiting list for the 2019 intake.
My criteria is such that if it is near my house, then her grandparents can pick her up from school.  If it is near my work place, then she has to be there the whole day and I will pick her up from school after work.  Also, I am planning to send her to Chinese primary school.  And now she is speaking mainly English and little bit of Cantonese.  So Mandarin class is a must.  Also, the location must be quite near to either the house or my office.  Don't want to get into a jam while trying to send her to school.
A few phone calls here and there and here's what I found.
Peter & Jane Pros 1. Nearest to our house.  Grandparents can pick her up from school. 2. Learning is made fun, Montessori style. 3. Accept 2.5-3 years old.
Cons 1. Super exp…

My obsession with K-dramas and K-variety shows

Motherhood aside.  I have been busy preparing for my girl's 2nd birthday.  No party this year.  Just having simple lunch with some of my closed friends and gift packs for my girl's friends.  Will talk about this later.
Lately, I have been hooked on K-dramas and K-variety shows.  These are the shows I have been watching lately:
Monday night: - Hwayugi - R.u.n.n.i.n.g Man - Knowing Brothers - All The Buttlers
Tuesday night - Just Between Lovers
Wednesday night - Just Between Lovers
Thursday night - Black Knight
Friday night - Black Knight
Saturday night - Youn's Kitchen, Season 2
Sunday night - Hwayugi
Let's talk about variety shows.  Of all the variety shows, I really love the ones produced and directed by PD Na Young Suk.  He is a genius.  All his productions are very successful and I think among all the other PDs, he is one of the best and well-known among fans.
I started with 1N2D and I like the concept very much.  That time it was Kang Ho Dong, Lee Seung Gi, MC Mong, Eun …