Review : KL Bird Park

Few weeks back, we visited the KL Bird Park.  The last time I entered the bird park was when I was in my teens and now entering as a mother. 

I brought the GB Pockit stroller along and I must say this is one place that is super stroller friendly.  So no worries of stairs and such. 

For more information about the admission fees and so on, please visit their website before going. 

It was my girl's and nephew's first bird park visit.  My girl was excited in the beginning, with birds roaming freely and peacocks greeting you from everywhere, and not behind cages.

Then at the convenience shop, we got ice creams and suddenly this peacock was so interested to eat it.  When I was getting the wet wipes out of my bag, this peacock pecked at her ice cream which she was holding in her hand while sitting on the stroller.  I was paranoid about bird flu and immediately gave the whole ice cream to it.  So I decided to buy another ice cream in a cup for my girl and while I was away, the same p…

Review: Petaling Jaya Community Library - Bayan Bestari

Last Saturday, my girl and I visited the Petaling Jaya Community Library.  I was a member and I registered my girl as a member as well.  I have read about the toys library inside the PJ library and have wanted to visit it since this newspaper article.  
For your information, the toys library is situated on the Ground Floor of the PJ Community Library, opens daily from 10am-2pm and 2pm-4pm, except for Mondays opening hours is only 10am-2pm and Fridays opening hours is from 3pm-5pm only.  In order to use this section of the library, you need to register your child as a member which cost RM31 for the first time registration and renewal is RM15 annually.
To enter Bayan Bestari, your kid need to be 6 years old and below and you need to pay additional RM7/kid for each session, which I find a little costly for a 2-hour session and was wondering if this is the reason parents doesn't go.  However, comparing to shopping malls indoor playground, this is much, much more reasonable.  Also nee…

I feel bad

I feel very guilty.  I have told myself that I won't repeat the mistakes that other parents made, but I made the same mistake myself.  I guess no one is perfect and we are still bound by our own weaknesses, ego and superego.
What happened was this.  Yesterday, I got a new mobile phone.  I don't usually like changing mobile phone and will stick to one as long as it is useful and working and will only change when it is broken and not working.  I am not a mobile phone heavy user.  Just occasionally watch video and whatsapp and facebook after office hours and during weekends only.  In the office, I used my desktop entirely since the office connection is much better than my mobile data or my home Wifi.
My husband is the one who is always carelessly using his phone.  Many times, either the motherboard burnt or he dropped it into the water and destroyed it or something or the other.  And you know, the phones we used are not water resistant, are not iPhones and basically not as long …

Electronic devices

When I was pregnant, I was adamant that I will not give my child any electronic devices.  I believed strongly that there is too much information being fed to the child by electronic devices.  At that time, I have learned that my cousin who has a lot of kids and home-schooled all of them, did not give them any electronic devices and they grew up very well, disciplined and obedient.  So, I was adamant.
When I got back to work after maternity, I realised that my parents (who is her babysitter) has put on the TV the whole day for her to watch YouTube and cartoons.  I told my mom once about the negative effects of letting her watch this the whole day and she defensively said my girl did learn how to sing from the TV and YouTube, which I cannot deny.
I understand that giving the child electronic devices or YouTube is very easy for babysitters.  Because the child will only sit quietly and watch and not even move one bit.  
My sister started giving the tablet to my nephew when he was 3 years…

Sibling rivalry

One day, my nephew made my mom very angry.  She didn't want to talk to him.  He felt bad but at the same time too stubborn to say I am sorry.  
Then my mom told my girl, tonight I will sleep with you since you are a good girl.  I won't sleep with kor kor, because he is such a naughty boy.
Just that statement alone, made me upset.  This is how sibling jealousy started.  It is all the parent's fault.  
Growing up, I have always been the good girl.  Quiet and not much temper.  I listened to my parents and do whatever they told me to do.  In the eyes of my parents, I am a very good girl, compared to my sister.
My sister is the complete opposite of me.  She gave my parents a difficult time.  
I can't remember how many times that kind of statement would have spoken by my mom.  I don't know how much of jealousy my sister had harbored over the years, but finally one day it exploded and I realised she had always thought my parents love me more than her.  I didn't know …


This hashtag was going on in Facebook in the wake of the the sex scandals of Harvey Weinstein.  #MeToo is to denounce sexual assault and harassment and to encourage women to open up and talk about their experiences.  
I am not sure if I have mentioned this anywhere in this blog, but yes, I was sexually harassed when I was younger.  It's not something that people can talk about and I have not spoken about it for a long, long time.  Eventually, I came to realise that I am not the only one and should not be afraid of it happening.  
The first time it happened to me was when I was 10 years old, or around that age.  I started puberty early and started having mini boobs.  It happened at my uncle's house and the person who did it was my cousin brother.  I used to stay overnight with my cousin sister and spent time with her, playing games, watching movies, etc.  Her brother, who is like 5 years older than me, 4 years older than her would like to disturb us.  One day, I was playing co…


I for one is a sucker for musicals.  I love them so much that I have been wanting to watch one, but no chance as none of the shows come to Malaysia.  Guess, in Malaysia demand to watch a musical is not as high, compared to a Jacky Cheung concert.  
I was first introduced to a musical when I was about 10 years old.  It was The Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber.  My cousin loved it so much that she duplicated the songs in the cassette tape that she bought and also hand-written the lyrics and nicely bind them for me.  Later, she introduces Les Miserables, but somehow the music didn't stuck to me as much as The Phantom of the Opera.  
Then I realised I really love musical movies as well and when I watched The Sound of Music, I loved everything about the movie.  Then the next one was Oliver! and then The King and I.  I love them so much.
And when Disney came out with musical cartoon movies, I was hooked.  First was Beauty and the Beast.  Then came Aladdin, The Lion King, Poc…