Top 10 tips for new mom on breastfeeding

I have effectively breastfed for 1.5 years now.  In the beginning it was a struggle as I have chronicled out in this blog.  It would have helped if someone has spoke to me about it before I gave birth, someone who doesn't charge me for their services, someone who knows my struggles, someone who is helpful and genuinely want to help.  So here's some tips, hoping to help some new moms to overcome the struggles.  
1. TBAN If you have any queries, you can always post in TBAN on Facebook asking the other mommies for advice.  However, bear in mind, your post will be available for public.  So if you have some private kind of questions, say you have a problem with your nipple, or your breast is swollen and you are not sure if it is mastitis and you want others to see your pictures, or your baby's private parts are red and you want to share the picture.  So before you post any photos, please keep this in mind.  Your post is public, meaning anyone of your friends or friends of your …

Swimming class for babies

I am pretty sure many of you are aware of the swimming classes available for babies.  Just Google and you will find.  This is not a review of the class that my baby and I went.  I just want to share the benefits of swimming for babies.
It all started when I saw the video of the Baby Elizabeth who demonstrated how she fell into the water and manage to turn and face upwards and floated to the nearest stairs to survive.  When I saw this, I was intrigued.  
As I do not know how to swim, never had any lessons because my parents thought swimming was bad for my sinus (which is still true today), I always envied kids who knew how to swim.  However, over the years I have self-learn how to swim.  Though not perfect, at least I can float in the water.
When I was 6 or 7 years old, I almost drowned in a hotel swimming pool.  The adults had organised a family trip to PD with few families.  So I was in my float and swimming in the big adult pool, say 4-5 ft with my cousins.  Don't know what was…

I am amazed at mothers with many children

My little girl has reached the stage where she know what she likes and dislikes.  She was such a good eater and then suddenly, she rejected all the food.  I tried to incorporate some meat and protein into her diet, but I ended up eating it.  
Last weekend, I was cracking my head trying to find out what to cook for her.  I wanted to make her simple meals.  What's more disappointing is my mom accused me of not feeding her enough and therefore no poo poo for 2 days.  Sigh.
Anyway, the whole time I was researching on Google what meal to cook for her, I have neglected her.  In my quest to give her the best food, I forgo her company.  The whole weekend, I didn't play with her.  I didn't read to her.  I didn't teach her.  In fact, I didn't do anything with her.  
And I did made something for her and in the end she didn't eat a single piece.  Sigh.
And I was so exhausted, trying to cook, looking after her, nap with her, etc.  I really don't know how mothers with s…

Judging another parent

My little girl is 17 months old today.  She is sure growing up fast, from infant to toddler.  It is so lovely to see her learning new things, finding out how to use her fingers and being curious about every single thing in the world.  
But as much as I would like her to be as quiet when I needed her to be, I find that she is learning to be more independent herself and doesn't want to stick to mommy so much now, which in a way is a developmental progress.  She is beginning to throw tantrums, doing things that will make an adult angry, say opening the cupboard and taking everything out and doesn't want to sit still during meal times.  
So far, she has been quite well-behaved in crowds.  She doesn't throw tantrums.  She would sit quietly and observed people.  She doesn't have reaction.  She doesn't smile nor cry.  Just sitting and watching.  And she is comfortable with my friends.  And anyone at all can carry her and take her for a walk.  So many of my friends praise…

Travelling with a 1 year old

We just came back from a local religious seminar and we brought along our 1 year old.  It was the first for us and here's what I noticed was different compared to when we went to a seminar without kids years ago. 1. The place where we stayed and the place where the seminar was held and also the place for meals were 10 minutes walk. - It's good to walk but when you have a 1 year old, you would want to carry him/her while walking and that is no joke to walk for 10 minutes with a 9kg toddler in hand.  Good muscle workout.  I do have a carrier, but it is too hassle to wear and take out and no place to keep. And we didn't bring a stroller. 2. Most of the time, we have to wait for transport, people with cars or the bus.  - If we knew beforehand that transport is going to be a problem at the seminar place, we would have driven there and not take the bus instead. It was more convenient with a car but parking maybe a problem. Anyway, with a toddler in hand, probably places like thi…

Burnt out

Someone has recently written about being a burnt out mom. Coincidentally I am facing my own devils at the same time. If you read my previous post, you will understand the struggles I have at work. I am a full-time working mom with no helper at home.  My parents care for my girl while both my husband and I go to work.  My husband's and my off days are not together.  So it is very difficult to do anything together, let alone as a FAMILY. On weekends, I care for my girl full-time.  It can be quite overwhelming when I have to go toilet as she insisted that she wants to see me sitting on the toilet bowl doing my business.  Same goes for taking a bath or anything with the 'Me Time' feature.  Therefore, I hardly have any 'Me Time'.I still breastfeed my girl and still pumping when I am at work.  In the end, I hardly have anytime to do anything that I want to do.  I just have to cope. My husband does all the chores in the house because I can't manage them on the weekend…

I just need to get this out of my system

This has nothing to do with motherhood or pregnancy.  In fact, nothing to do with the goals of this blog.  I just need to get it out of my system, once and for all.  Since I have already embarrassed myself to the maximum today, might as well just pour out everything.
This is about work.  This is about my lady boss.  
I have worked here for 7 years, reporting to 1 person the whole time and that is my lady boss.  
From the beginning of the time I joined until today, I have never quite understand her way of doing things.  I tried to be in her shoes.  I tried to understand her upbringing.  I tried to understand her behaviour.  I tried to understand her so much so that I began to lose myself.
Before I go into our history, let me just assert this about myself.  I respect people who respect me as a person.  That's the way I live my life.  I showed courtesy to others all the time.  Yes, I have done many things when I was angry, like shout at others, throw things at them, disrespect them.…