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Travelling with a 1 year old

We just came back from a local religious seminar and we brought along our 1 year old.  It was the first for us and here's what I noticed was different compared to when we went to a seminar without kids years ago. 1. The place where we stayed and the place where the seminar was held and also the place for meals were 10 minutes walk. - It's good to walk but when you have a 1 year old, you would want to carry him/her while walking and that is no joke to walk for 10 minutes with a 9kg toddler in hand.  Good muscle workout.  I do have a carrier, but it is too hassle to wear and take out and no place to keep. And we didn't bring a stroller. 2. Most of the time, we have to wait for transport, people with cars or the bus.  - If we knew beforehand that transport is going to be a problem at the seminar place, we would have driven there and not take the bus instead. It was more convenient with a car but parking maybe a problem. Anyway, with a toddler in hand, probably places like thi…

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