I will never purchase anything from Astro Go Shop ever!

I have purchased from many online shops and Astro Go Shop is the worst ever!  In fact, the website is not user friendly at all.  Given a choice, I would not buy from them at all.  But since my parents are Astro viewers and their Go Shop channel attracted them so much, I have no choice but to comply.
Problem 1: I created an account and tried to buy a product on their website.  Every time I click to pay, the website would prompt me to the login page again.  At first I thought it was some security measure, but then when it keeps prompting me to login for the 10th time, then I flipped!  It's crazy.  My parents were so panic because it says on TV that the deal would end in 5 minutes and I have to rush like crazy to create an account and login.  In the end, I couldn't buy because it just wouldn't go to the payment page.  So I gave up.  That night when I have more time on my hands, I tried the Astro Go Shop app and managed to buy the same product with the same discounted price.  …

In search for the organic UHT milk

As per my previous post, I am searching for organic UHT milk for our upcoming China trip.  
Since I don't have much time to shop, let alone window shopping, I decided to pop into Village Grocer to find it.
The one at Atria had True Organic brand, but not full cream, only the skim milk type.  
And then at Jaya Grocer in Starling Mall, I found the Organic Valley, Organic Dairy Milk - Full Cream and immediately bought it so that my girl can try and see if she likes it.

I am not sure what are the organic brands that carry full cream milk that is available in Malaysia.  Because I only saw the above.  Perhaps I need to visit other places too like Cold Storage or maybe should check out Aeon or some place like that.
So, over the long weekend, I managed to visit Aeon and Cold Storage and found this milk in Cold Storage at Sunway Velocity.

It didn't say it's organic but it's free range.  But I only manage to find this in Cold Storage at Sunway Velocity.  I didn't see this i…

First postpartum period at 19 months old

Today I finally got my first postpartum period when baby is at 19 months.  I was enjoying the period-free days, from pregnancy until now, which means 2 years and 4 months of period free.  
I was getting worried about it not returning when baby turned 12 months old.  But I read that it really depends from woman to woman.  
When baby turned 1 years old, I started supplementing with fresh milk.  And lately, I find my milk has dwindled a lot that each pump is only 1 oz.  I am hesitating if I want to continue pumping but I would like to keep my milk until our China trip because I still want my boobies to comfort her in case she cries or get frustrated.  
At night she still nurses to sleep.  But if she is really hungry, I will ask her if she wants milk and if she says yes, I would bring her downstairs to get some fresh milk, straight from the fridge.
If she doesn't want, she will not say anything and will continue to nurse until she falls asleep.  So far, she has been sleeping through …

First impression of GB Pockit + Stroller

Updated 6/9/17: Over the long weekend, we used this stroller to the max.  We brought it on the MRT, on the bus, to go to shopping mall and airport.  First impression might not be impressive but after using it for few times now, what I truly like is how easy it is to fold and unfold the stroller.  So getting on and off the bus was not a problem.    Baby feels so comfortable in it, although she did sweat a bit due to the material.  I haven't try with the clip-on fan for her yet.  Just need to remember that if want to fold the stroller, need to clear all the things from the basket and to lock the front wheels, though not optional for the compact fold but required for the ultra compact fold.  We hardly use the canopy since we were indoors all the time.  But when Baby did fell asleep on the stroller, I put the canopy on and then put my nursing cover on it to block the lights.  It works!  It might feel a bit flimsy when it is push around, but it is quite steady.  We did hang our bags on…

In preparation for our overseas trip

Bringing a baby to China is really the craziest thing that parents do.  Did you know that you can't simply go to a travel agent to apply for visa for a baby below 2 years old?  You have to bring your baby to the Chinese Embassy in order to get some travel documents before applying for the visa. 
So, besides, milk and stroller, this is something that is on my mind and driving me super nuts.  Imagine the mafan-ness.  As it is my annual leave is just enough for us to travel to China.  So, I don't know how we are going to do it.  Still getting some info and will update later.
Besides milk, stroller, visa, another thing that we need to do before we go is to get the Hepatitis A jab.  As baby will mostly be eating outside food, I think best to get her protected first.  So, this is still not done and should be doing quite soon.
Money, money, money.  Just for 1 trip, of 7 days.  Sigh.  Maybe I should just leave her behind.  No need stroller.  No need milk.  No need visa.  But still ne…

In search for the best travel stroller

Updated 6/9/17 : I have added another stroller!!!!
Updated 28/8/17 : I have added another stroller to the list.  Check it out!

Besides milk, stroller is something I have to buy before our trip.  All this while, we have never bought a stroller for her.  She has been using a cheap China lightweight umbrella stroller that cost less than RM100 that my parents bought at Mr DIY for my nephew.  It's been 3 years and it's still going strong.  
However, there are few things that I don't really like about the umbrella stroller.  It's long when folded and just barely fit into my Myvi, length wise.  When trying to fold, you must be careful with your fingers.  Many of us trying to fold it had injured our fingers as it got caught in between the metal bars.  The foot rest is broken.  The maneuverability is very, very poor and most of the time when I pushed baby in it, she will get jerks from the sudden push.  Very poor back support.
So at first, I was told that since I have to gate-ch…

What are the organic formula milk found in Malaysia?

As you know, I am in the midst of weaning baby.  Nowadays, she only latches at night and day time she drinks fresh milk.  
She has been drinking Farm Fresh milk and she likes the taste.  I like how it comes in 200ml bottle as well that makes it so easy for her to hold and drink with the straw on her own.

Since we are going to travel to China in October, I have been cracking my brains of what milk to bring for her since I can't bring this Farm Fresh milk with me as they will go bad very fast without refrigeration and I can't trust any of China's fresh milk.  So few questions came to mind:
1. Should I wean her to formula milk? 2. Should I bring UHT milk instead? 3. Goat's milk or cow's milk? 4. Organic or normal?
I have to start fast because I am left with 1 month to prep her to get her use to the milk.  After some discussion with my friends and some research I did online, found that it is probably easier if I bring formula milk or UHT milk that doesn't required…