This is easier than I thought.  But the beginning was a little bit tough.  Once my girl got the hang of it, she knew what to do.  And it became a habit after that.
Few months back, I wanted to start potty/toilet training.  I got the necessary equipment.  One potty upstairs and one potty downstairs, toddler toilet seat for downstairs and was ready to go.
But after few attempts, my girl was completely turned off by the potty.  The moment I asked her to take out her pants to sit on the potty, she would cry and throw tantrums.  So, we stopped completely and back to diaper.
I traced back my mistakes and realised me and my parents made these mistakes:
1.  Frustrated when she made accidents - This was me.  Natural reaction when she peed in her pants or on the floor.  Never ever do this.
2. Threaten her - My mom love to do this.  She would tell my daughter if she pee in the potty, then she can go out, or can eat candy or what not.  And if she didn't pee in the potty, my mom would threate…

Breast-feeding withdrawal symptom

It's been more than a week since I last breastfeed my girl.  And this whole week I have been on an emotional wreck.
At first I didn't know why I am feeling so down and sad.  Then I pin-pointed it to ending breastfeeding.  
First, I felt like the relationship on breastfeeding has ended.  A beautiful relationship.  I totally felt very sad about it.  It's not like my girl doesn't like to hug me or kiss me or what not.  It's just this feeling that I am not going to do it again makes me even sadder.  Gosh, am going to cry now.  Coz we are not planning a second child and so I don't think I ever get the chance to breastfeed again.
Second, the happy hormones produced during breastfeeding has ended and made me sad and depressed.  Imagine for 2 whole years I was feeling on top of the world and then it stopped.  It's kinda like a drug addiction.  
Lastly, I feel sad that I am not going to use the breast pumps, the nursing covers, the little glass storage bottle…

Weaning and toilet training

What does weaning and toilet training has in common?  A toddler have to go through it once in a lifetime as part of growing up.
Weaning My girl has been nursing to sleep till lately.  I have tried earlier to wean her by putting some bitter powder on the nipples and her reaction to it hurts me.  For a moment, she paused and stared at me.  I told her 'chut chut' is broken now.  So cannot use anymore.  That afternoon, she slept without it but it hurts me.
After that I read something online about not to put bitter stuff on the nipple with the intention to turn off nursing.  Because the boobs had created such a beautiful connection and comfort for the child and you wouldn't want it to turn into bad memories for the little one.  I felt so bad after reading that and went back to letting her suckle to sleep.
Few days back, I caught a cold.  In order to prevent it from spreading to my girl, my mom took her to bed with her that night.  It was Day 1 of weaning.
The next night, I was …

A New Malaysia

As most Malaysians celebrate a new Malaysia, a colleague of mine grieved for her elder boy, who was 4 years old, who passed away after a short illness on Mother's Day.
I cannot imagine the pain and heart wrenching situation she was in as she is also 9 months pregnant and due in 2 weeks time.  
Meanwhile, some of us are clueless as to what had happened.  Some said it was meningitis, some said it was some bacteria infection that made the brain swell, some said he had sleep fits before he died.  I don't want to speculate, but the thought of my girl too had fits before scares me.
Because of all these, I am going to take back all the things I said about my girl.  I am becoming paranoid and I am hoping she grows up well and healthy.  No more health scare.  So, from now on, I am not going to brag about my daughter, no matter how smart she is.  We certainly don't need the negative attention on us.  

OK, back to the new Malaysia.  Would like to document our experience of that day …

Election Day

Malaysian General Election No.14 is today.  Have you voted?  
This year few of the people I know can't vote and I feel for them.  I know they wanted to do for the country but can't.  One is bed-ridden due to old age and illness, another is in confinement and having chicken pox at the same time, then another 3 overseas at the moment for a trip and won't be back until June.  So it really gets me when people tell me they are not even registered for the elections, when they are old enough and are in Malaysia.
Not trying to be political or being patriotic but this is the least we can do for our country.  
Tonight, let's sit and wait.

Evil eye

Growing up in a Chinese culture, I have never heard about removing evil eye.  Until my Indian friends told me the reason why they put a black dot on baby's face and painted the eye brows with black kajol and put the eye liner for the baby was to avoid evil eye.  Which non-Indians would probably not know or do.
Without this belief of evil eye, I didn't apply black kajol for my girl or put a black dot on her face.  But when she kept on falling sick and my friends came to know about it, I was told to help her remove evil eye.
What is evil eye?  It is when others look at you with bad intentions, like jealousy or envy causing you harm indirectly, almost like a curse.  Or when someone kept on throwing praises at you and causes the negative to attract to you and give you lots of discomfort.  It's a kind of superstition and belief.
Now, since I was not brought up with this belief, I don't understand one thing.  Why would anyone feel jealous of a small baby?
Then I slowly bega…

Virus and bacteria

I truly believe that one fine day, if the God and Goddesses are truly angry with human beings, for destroying ourselves, creating wars, fighting over land and killing each other, one day, the only thing that can wipe out human beings on this Earth, is virus.  So I truly believe if you anger the Divine, Divine can strike back and hard.  God created us, created Earth and land and sea and everything nature, but we are destroying it. Don't you think it's just fair for God to take back everything and start a massive destruction to end it all?  The only answer to that is a virus.  We already seen it happening in epidemics, where virus wiped out thousands of human beings in just days.
Whenever we are sick, the doctor only need to find out if it is a virus or a bacteria.  It is easier for bacteria infection, you just need antibiotics to clear it out.  But lately, and I overheard this from a nurse in one of my girl's paed clinic, that they no longer allowed to prescribe antibiotic…