In search for the organic UHT milk

As per my previous post, I am searching for organic UHT milk for our upcoming China trip.  

Since I don't have much time to shop, let alone window shopping, I decided to pop into Village Grocer to find it.

The one at Atria had True Organic brand, but not full cream, only the skim milk type.  

And then at Jaya Grocer in Starling Mall, I found the Organic Valley, Organic Dairy Milk - Full Cream and immediately bought it so that my girl can try and see if she likes it.

I am not sure what are the organic brands that carry full cream milk that is available in Malaysia.  Because I only saw the above.  Perhaps I need to visit other places too like Cold Storage or maybe should check out Aeon or some place like that.

So, over the long weekend, I managed to visit Aeon and Cold Storage and found this milk in Cold Storage at Sunway Velocity.

It didn't say it's organic but it's free range.  But I only manage to find this in Cold Storage at Sunway Velocity.  I didn't see this in Cold Storage Sunway Pyramid.

So far I have tasted the Organic Valley Dairy Full Cream Milk and somehow there is the 'kotak' taste, if you know what I mean.  Baby seems to drink too, so no problem.  But I might want to try out this Harvey Fresh.


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